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Premium Oysters from the Chesapeake

Salty Bottom Blue Oysters
Salty Bottom Blue Oysters. Premium oysters from the Chesapeake.

How we raise the best-tasting local oysters

Most oyster farmers on the Chesapeake Bay are satisfied with the easy pickin’s… low-salinity, sweet oysters raised in the calm, shallow, brackish waters of the Bay’s creeks and river mouths. 

Salty Bottom Blue oysters are farmed mid-bay where the cleaner, cooler water has what it takes to grow fresh tasting, high-salinity Chesapeake oysters.  But the oyster farming techniques and equipment used in the shallows don’t work mid-bay where the current is strong and the water gets rough. There are no easy pickings a mile offshore.

Not satisfied with the taste of typical Chesapeake oysters raised in near-shore shallows, Salty Bottom Blue founder Scott Gray has devised innovative sustainable aquaculture techniques to grow and harvest a dependable supply of premium local oysters in mid-bay waters. Our video shows what we do to bring you the best-tasting high-salinity Chesapeake Bay oysters.

Salty Bottom sells direct to chefs and regional distributors. Contact us today!

Watch our video to see how we raise the best-tasting Chesapeake Bay oysters.

Tumbling makes for tastier oysters. Salty Bottom Blue tumbles our oysters directly on our boat at mid-bay.
Harvest time. Premium oysters from the Chesapeake.
Grilled oysters. Premium oysters from Chesapeake Bay. Salty Bottom Blue.
Our oyster farm in mid-bay in the Chesapeake. Salty Bottom Blue.
Premium oysters from the Chesapeake. Harvested at mid-bay.
Premium Oysters from the Chesapeake - raised by Salty Bottom Blue Oysters.
Tumbling our Chesapeake Bay oysters. Salty Bottom Blue Oysters.

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