Salty Bottom Blue Oysters.

Tumbling oysters on the Salty Bottom boat
Tumbling makes our oysters plump and meaty.

The People of Salty Bottom Blue

Dedicated to raising  great-tasting local Chesapeake oysters.

Diving to harvest premium oysters

Raising tasty, high-salinity oysters in cool, swift mid-bay waters requires more work.  

We design and build our own oyster cages

Innovative oyster farming techniques help Salty Bottom Blue raise the best Chesapeake Bay oysters.  

Custom built oyster boat

We built an innovative work boat that can access prime mid-bay oyster grounds.  

Gwynn Island, Virginia

SBB’s oyster farming operations are based at our Gwynn Island marina on Chesapeake Bay.  

Oysters that look as good as they taste!

Oysters raised mid-bay taste great, and tumbling makes them look great on the half-shell.

Our Mid-Bay Oyster Farm

This is where we raise our premium oysters. 

Salty Bottom Blue Oysters
616 Old Ferry Road
Gwynn Island, VA  23076

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